Temperature Control Units

Compa-Heat “TW” Series Portable Temperature Controllers


Many production processes require a supply of constant water temperature and the ability to elevate or lower the water temperature set point. WPI’s TW Series temperature controllers provide the ability to meet these requirements. The units are versatile, reliable, easy to operate, and are available in several 3-18 kilowatt designs.

TWD Direct Injection Heat-Cool 3-18 KW

WPI Direct Injection units use immersion heaters to increase the water temperature. Water solenoid valve allows cooling water into process loop replacing warm water exiting to maintain a preset temperature. Process water is controlled and circulated at temperatures up to 250 degree Fahrenheit.

TWC Closed Loop with Isolation Heat-Cool SS Heat Exchanger 3-18 KW

These units are ideal for applications where the system requires isolation of “hard” cooling water for process water. Hard water and its scale deposits are isolated from the process water circuit by a SS high turbulent heat exchanger. It is operable at 250 degree F. The WPI TWF series closed loop systems rely on heat from the process to elevate water temperature. Process water and cooling water is circulated on closed loop systems through a high turbulent flow SS heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer ratios. Direct injection units are also available.


  • Field proven microprocessor controller with many features including security lockout allowing set-up by authorized personnel and eliminates unauthorized setting changers and LED display of actual set and process temperature values.
  • Factory tested, plumbed and wired, and ready for immediate installation
  • Premium quality solenoid valves are used for precise temperature control
  • Rugged hinged door and gasketed electrical panel house all of the electrical components
  • Pump starter with overload protection
  • High temperature limit
  • Low flow-protection
  • Manual: pump and heater switches
  • Low watt density heaters
  • SCR heater controls, provides long life and no moving parts to wear out are standard
  • Casters are installed for ease of portability
  • Centrifugal pump with leak-resistant Teflon seals
  • Temperature range up to 250 degree F
  • High turbulent stainless steel heat exchangers are used on closed loop systems
  • SS heat exchanger advances heat transfer